Special wax with non-stick PTFE

Delivers long term protection on paintwork, perfect for those doing plenty of mileage and daily driven vehicles. Swissvax Shield is a modern and innovative system for the ultimate protection of all types of paintwork - also under the harshest conditions. Shield is a special Carnauba wax which is enriched with non-stick PTFE in order to create an ingenious protection shield for your paintwork. Thank to the proverbial "Teflon-pan-effect" dirt and insects can barely adhere to the as smooth as glass paintwork surface. Your car will be significantly easier to maintain - this wax is ideal for cars doing regular mileage that still need to look amazing!


*** If the Swissvax is applied for the firs time we reccomend to use Swissvax Cleaner Fluid to ensure that the wax is able to bond with the paintwork.